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Confirmed to be present at the Meeting:

Andromeda Metasystems is a new company formed by kinesiologists, largely for kinesiologists. We have found that the latest generation of NLS (non linear resonance) diagnostic computers give an extra edge to traditional AK diagnosis.

Imagine 3D full colour anatomical sections through the body on your computer screen and then imagine these slices being evaluated by an inaudible vibrational signal, transmitted through headphones. Little ‘Indus’ points on the illustration light up as the scan of each section occurs, giving a colour coded reading of the degree of vibrational resonance compared to normal.
The machine can do a full body scan, or just specific areas, in minutes.

We have been using the healing ‘Metapathia’ programme integrated in the equipment to great effect, especially in bacteria and virus deactivation.

Come and see us on the Andromeda stand and try it for yourself. Seeing is believing!

  • www.andromedametasystems.com

    For more than 55 years the Bio-Strath company based in Zurich Switzerland has produced its unique food supplement based on herbal yeast.

    35 published studies have now shown that Bio-Strath has a positive effect on health, including published studies in the following areas;

    • Supporting the principal body functions
    • Strengthening the immune system
    • Increasing physical performance
    • Aiding powers of concentration
    • Quality of life of patients undergoing Chemotherapy / radiotherapy
    • Cognitive study on geriatric patients
    • Bone density
    • Haemoglobin levels in pregnant women

    A new study carried out in 2017 has helped to identify why Bio-Strath has a positive effect on several health conditions. The scientifically excepted study clearly demonstrated its ability to increase the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals as they passed through the intestinal system, remarkably increasing their absorption between 6-10 times.

    Bio-strath will adopt its international brand name Strath this year, however its formulation will remain exactly as it has for over 55 years.

  • www.biostrath.com/en

    Equisalud Limited works with a leading reference laboratory in phytotherapy, dietary supplements and natural cosmetics.

    Holoram is our line of biological regulators seeking to promote, maintain or restore the body’s energetic balance necessary for health.

    EmotionLife are psycho-biological regulators aimed at promoting, maintaining and restoring the emotional harmony required to integral health.

    Pranalife are energy centre harmonisers: Equisalud’s extraction system captures the complex energy pattern of plants in order to transfer its ordering information to the energy centres of our body.

    Vibroextract offers the latest in holistic phytotherapy working with the elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each supplement has been designed to provide health and well-being.

    Our Cosmoetica line offers a range of natural and organic cosmetic products to detoxify, moisturise and rejuvenate the body.

    Pranaderm offers a harmonious blend of plants, oils, essential oils, and natural nutrients to protect, hydrate, nourish, reduce inflammation and regenerate the skin.

  • www.equisalud.com

    Life-Work Potential Limited sells over 100 different kits including foods, moulds, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, viruses, parasites, healthy and pathological tissues, etc. We sell worldwide to practitioners in more than 40 countries from our base in the UK.

    We count many ICAK members as our customers. Many of these doctors recommend our kits to their colleagues; they also tell us how our kits have transformed their practices. We work with several ICAK Doctors (Wally Schmitt, Michael Lebowitz and Sheldon Deal) to provide bespoke kits for their work. All the test kits are backed up by detailed, factual information so that you can use the kits with confidence. This is freely available to download from our website https://www.lifeworkpotential.com - look for the PDF Download tab.

  • www.lifeworkpotential.com

    Oh International was born from the experience of researchers and doctors in the health sector, as well as experts in medicine, and medicine derived from Quantum Physics.

    Our products have played an important role in many therapeutic practices for decades. The manufacturing processes of our production workshops are extremely precise and are the pride of Italian production. The quality and safety standards are high and international: the HACCP and GMP certifications accredited to us allow us to export all over the world.

    The unique processing method, thanks to the phyto-dynamization and other special copyright processes of our production workshops, enhances the action of the final product.

    The raw materials we use - many coming from organic farming - are subjected to strict controls regarding the presence of pesticides, heavy metals, aflatoxins and microbiotic contaminations.

    Our main lines are the following: FITOMEGA, PROFITO AND FITOLINE.

  • www.ohinternational.it

    Pure Bio was conceived in 2000 to provide top quality products for practitioners and their patients. We only sell products that have been carefully selected and scrutinized for their purity and efficacy. ALL of our products exceed the highest professional standards and are FREE of all binders, fillers, artificial colours, coatings, sweeteners & stearates.

    We are the authorised UK distributor of PURE ENCAPSULATIONS products; stockists for VIRIDIAN (award winning organic vitamins) & GOLDEN GREENS (organic inulin & superfoods). We are also the UK supplier of RESTORE mineral supplement.

    Pure Bio provides ongoing educational development for the practitioners that register with us. We hold regular seminars, provide monthly newsletters and product line updates, and supply a wide range of practitioner accessories.

  • www.purebio.co.uk

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